Dr. Iain Hunter
EXSC 362
EXSC 662
STAC 139

Dr. Hunter's research focuses on track and field technique. Most of his projects have dealt with running economy and steeplechase racing. He works closely with USA Track and Field in helping elite athletes improve performance.

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Dr. Sarah Ridge
EXSC 362

Dr. Ridge's reaserch focuses on the effect of repetitive impacts in sports. Currently, she is working on measuring the forces figure skaters experience each time they land a jump. Additionally, she is researching the effectiveness of minimalist shoes for runners.

Dr. Matt Seeley
EXSC 362
EXSC 365
EXSC 663

Dr. Seeley's research focuses on the neuromechanical effects of joint pain. Specifically, he is trying to better understand how knee joint pain might independently influence the progression of chronic kneee joint disease such as osteoarthritis.

BYU Biomechanics:
Media Book

Mechanics of Motion (iPad, iPhone )

This app is designed for use with the Media Book. It provides interactive demonstrations for understanding various mechanical principles.

Iku (iPhone )

Used for estimating race times based upon a previous race of another distance. Split times will also be generated for the predicted race. This works best for races 1500m and longer.


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