Chapter 3: Projectile Motion

  • Use equations of motion for projectiles
  • Determine the optimum release conditions for maximum distance

Projectile Motion

A Projectile is any body that has been set on its path by some force and continues in motion by its own inertia. (Gravity has a major effect on motion).

Examples of Projectiles include: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4

Let's begin simply with purely vertical motion

Now let's add horizontal motion

Horizontal and vertical components are independent

Equations of motion for projectiles (Download video)

Characteristics of projectiles

Mechanics of Motion App (Projectile Motion)

  • What happens to horizontal displacement as velocity is increased?
  • What happens to the optimal initial angle for distance when release height is increased?

  • Demonstration on what happens as initial conditions are altered

    Another projectile cartoon

    Things get more complex when takeoff and landing heights are different

    Shot Put Example